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JoBlo's Zen Episode 3: Space Cake meets Tony Montana!

01.17.2012by: JoBlo

We're still ramping up our new animated (short) web series and after the release of the Teaser Episode a while back, along with Episode #1 ("A Tale of Four Titties") and Episode #2 ("Another Year, Another Comic Con"), today is the launch of my personal favorite episode so far, entitled "Space Cake & Tony Montana don't mix!" and it's pretty much what you think it is! It features some cameos by Mr. Montana himself, Spongebob as well as a beloved character from FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS.

JOBLO'S ZEN features the characters of JoBlo and the Arrow, going about their daily Web lives in cartoon format while spouting their uniquely goofy perspectives into your monitor. This new series will be updated every 3-4 weeks on our channel, so if you dig 'em, please vote for us over there and/or share with friends.



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