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Legendary Pictures takes on heady new sci-fi thriller The Join

10.18.2012by: Jake Dee

A heady new sci-fi thriller from Legendary in the spirit of LOOPER and INCEPTION? Are attention is definitely undivided...

Variety broke the news that Legendary Pictures has just purchased rights to THE JOIN, a dystopic sci-fi thriller written by Justin Rhodes (SECOND SUN, IN ENEMY WATERS). Alex Hedlund will shepherd for the company, though no director has been attached.

Also invoking shades of 3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR (great 70s thriller), THE JOIN is set in the wake of a terrible particle accelerator accident, story follows a first response hazmat team sent in to investigate, only to find themselves targeted for assassination as soon as they emerge.

A particle accelerator accident ay? Sounds heavy. More intriguing to me though is who is doing the targeting? Human beings or malefic aliens? Or something else entirely?

We shall see...

LOOPER'S Emily Blunt!

Extra Tidbit: You like LOOPER or INCEPTION better?
Source: Variety



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