Lionsgate acquires Scott Beck & Bryan Woods' found footage horror Nightlight

It's been almost two years since we last heard any word on the found footage horror film NIGHTLIGHT, with our last report coming in June of 2012 when we shared the cast list with you. Now Synchronicity Entertainment, who sold the Elijah Wood-starring COOTIES to Lionsgate, will take Nightlight to the Cannes market next week, reports ScreenDaily. But while they’re looking to sell the film in other markets, they have already sold the supernatural thriller to Lionsgate for US distribution.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods directed what is being styled as an innovative take on the found footage genre told from a singular point of view. Shelby Young, Chloe Bridges, Carter Jenkins, Mitch Hewer and Taylor Murphy star in the film that follows...

“...five friends who head to the woods for fun and games and disturb a demonic presence."

No word yet as to when we'll finally be able to see NIGHTLIGHT but we'll keep you posted when that word comes down.

NIGHTLIGHT star Shelby Young

Extra Tidbit: Are you sick of found footage films yet or do you feel there is still some life left in the subgenre?
Source: Screen Daily



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