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06.08.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Here's some exciting news for you of you RE-ANIMATOR fans out there. UGO had a chance to talk with producer Brian Yuzna recently (who also director BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR), and it looks like one thing's for sure: there will be another RE-ANIMATOR movie!!!

Chatting from the set of his latest flick BENEATH STILL WATERS, Yuzna had this to say about where the next RE-ANIMATOR is currently at: I'm getting into some talks with companies that may have the financing in place quite soon. So it's not unlikely that it may get going pretty soon. Nice! At the moment, HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR is still the choice for part 4 of the series, with director Stuart Gordon returning behind the camera. But if Gordon decides not to come back... The House story is Stuart and Dennis's idea. If Stuart didn't want to direct it then we would do another story.

There you have it! Regardless of if it's HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR, or something completely different, a 4th installment will happen... it's just a matter of time when and what it'll be. Personally, HOUSE sounds like a blast to me, and with William H. Macy as the President... count me in!

To check out the full interview, click HERE, and stick around for more news on RE-ANIMATOR PART 4 as we hear it!
Source: UGO



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