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New SawIV stills!

09.28.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

It's about time the SAW IV marketing train decided to start chugging along at full speed. With just one month to go (that's right, only one month) Lionsgate decided to release 1 brand-spankin'-new still from SAW IV today, and yes... they're a tad better than any of the still we've seen so far!

Why do I say that? One word: Jigsaw. That f*cker is somehow back in action the fourth time around, and if you needed any more proof, just check out the image. See? That maniacal motorscooter is making an appearance, and as you can tell... he's not lying in a body bag, either.

If you want more than just these two new images to oogle over, the boys over at Bloody-Disgusting scored a couple of other new stills as well, which you can check out by clicking HERE. Are they better than these two? Well, let's just say one features the return of yet another character we all know and love, and no, he ain't the one with the Funky Bunch, either.

Excited for SAW IV yet? Do these new images propel you to that next level? Spit some bullets below, and get ready for SAW IV in theaters everywhere October 26th.

Source: AITH



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