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New trailer for Beastly nauseatingly ratchets up the romance

12.03.2010by: Jake Dee

Yup, looks like I'm skipping this sucker when it comes out!

Not that I was ever on the fence before, but the new trailer for Daniel Barnz's romantic horror show BEASTLY is pretty f*ckin' cringe worthy. Sappy emo music, arrogant teens, a goddamn Olsen twin in whiteface...there's just no way in hell I could ever get down with this. I'm not the only one, am I?

Starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens (below), BEASTLY centers on:

Kyle Kingson, a teen who has it all -- looks, intelligence, wealth and opportunity -- and a wicked cruel streak. Prone to mocking and humiliating "aggressively unattractive" classmates, he zeroes in on Goth classmate Kendra, inviting her to the school's extravagant environmental bash. Kendra accepts, and, true to form, Kyle blows her off in a particularly savage fashion. She retaliates by casting a spell that physically transforms him into everything he despises. Enraged by his horrible and unrecognizable appearance he confronts Kendra and learns that the only solution to the curse is to find someone that will love him as he is -- a task he considers impossible.

Peter Krause, Dakota Johnson, Erik Knudson, Karl Graboshas, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Jonathan Dubsky, David Francis, Gio Perez, Miguel Mendoza, Roc LaFortune, Rhiannon Moller-Trotter and Neil Patrick Harris also take part.

BEASTLY goes wide March 18th. 

Extra Tidbit: More than 300 Quebecois hired to become extras for the film, production began on June 13, 2009 and will end until September, on the same year, and took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Source: Moviefone



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