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06.15.2009by: Mike Catalano

Well, burn my brains with a flame-thrower and call me Spanky! On the landmark day for horror-lovers when I first heard the DVD announcement for NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, I nearly shit my pants! I have been waiting and waiting so freakin’ long for the DVD gods to finally THRILL ME with such an announcement! NIGHT OF THE CREEPS has to be one of my all-time favorite horror flicks and it so deserved to be released on Special Edition DVD in all its glory. And how glorious is this?! We've got a look at ALL the special features to be included on the disc! Here it is:

Audio Commentary with Members of the Cast
Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Fred Dekker
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Ending – Theatrical Version
Original Theatrical Trailer
Trivia Track
6 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes:
Birth of the Creeps - Writer/Director Fred Dekker discusses his influences and early filmmaking experiences and how NIGHT OF THE CREEPS evolved into his debut feature film.
Cast of the Creeps - Actors Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall, and Actress Jill Whitlow talk about their experiences on the film, and how they have dealt with the film's enduring cult success over the past 25 years.
Creating the Creeps - Make-Up FX Creators David B. Miller, Robert Kurtzman and others discuss the extensive make-up creations in the film, and how they brought the slithering sluglike "creeps" to life.
Escape of the Creeps - A detailed look into the film's post-production and why the film was barely released to theatres with Writer/Director Fred Dekker, Composer Barry DeVorzon, and Producer Charles Gordon.
Legend of the Creeps - Final words from the cast & crew on the film's enduring cult popularity plus interviews with the film’s biggest fans.
Tom Atkins: Man of Action – A detailed look at the career of Tom Atkins with testimonials from filmmakers he’s worked with over the past thirty years.
Footage from the June 2009 cast reunion screening at The Original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

F*cking Aye! I’m just so happy we’re going to be able to finally bring these CREEPS home... with a special feature devoted entirely to Atkins! Not to mention the original, far superior ending! Thank you! I’m just thrilled to itty-bitty pieces. I can’t wait to get Chris, J.C., the adorable Cindy, and Tom Atkins’ genius Det. Ray Cameron up on the TV screen in my living room! October 20th couldn’t get here fast enough. “It’s Miller time!”

Dream Girl Cindy (played by Jill Whitlow).

Extra Tidbit: In one scene from the CREEPS, “Go Monster Squad” is written inside a bathroom stall. MONSTER SQUAD was the very next movie Dekker directed.
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