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Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass to star in Lionsgate horror Reawakening

05.14.2013by: Kevin Woods

Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass are set to star in the upcoming Lionsgate horror REAWAKENING, from director David Gelb (JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI), according to Variety. Jason Blum of Blumhouse is producing the project along with Mosaic Media Group.

Written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater, the story centers on...

a research team that discovers a way to bring the dead to life. When the lead doctor’s daughter dies, she is given the serum, which leads to horrifying results.

Duplass recently appeared in MERCY, the Stephen King adaptation we told you about HERE, which is also being produced by Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions. Blumhouse also snatched up the found-footage horror flick PEACHFUZZ, co-produced by Duplass.

TRON: LEGACY beauty Wilde, who most recently appeared in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE, next appears in Ron Howard’s racing movie RUSH with Chris Hemsworth.

Jason Blum

Extra Tidbit: Does REAWAKENING sound like it could be something worthwhile?
Source: Variety



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