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Pan's Daughter

04.27.2007by: Omar Hussain

Ivana Baquero, the little girl from PANíS LABYRINTH has managed to pick up one of the hardest languages on the planet, English. And now after starring in the visually amazing PANíS LABYRINTH, Baquero is going to take her new-found linguistic abilities and apply them to her first English speaking role in THE NEW DAUGHTER, as she plays the title character.

The script was written by John Travis and based on a short story by well-known horror-thriller writer John Connolly. The story follows a single dad who has packed up his things and moved his family to a farm in the middle of nowhere, and there is a strange mound in the surrounding fields that appears to be the source for all the creepy incidents involving his daughter.

Gold Circle Films is backing the film, but as of right now they are without a director for the project.



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