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12.05.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

Paramount Pictures released a few brand-spankin'-new photos from a few of their genre efforts they have lined up for us in 2008, most of which are totally new!

First up, a few first look images from the Rene Zellweger horrorfest CASE 39, co-starring Jodelle Ferland and Ian McShane. The first words that I thought of when I saw the above photo was 'damn, that's a short dress!' But you know... in a good way. I hit the set up over a year ago (look for it when the time comes), so least to say I'm pretty excited about checking this out. CASE 39 is set to hit theaters August 22nd.

Next up is the killer plant movie THE RUINS, starring Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Shawn Ashmore, and Laura Ramsey. What else do you need to know other than it's about a giant killer plant in the amazon? I know I don't! THE RUINS hits theaters April 11th.

And finally, we get a new look at A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, featuring the two smokin' hot sisters themselves, Arielle Kebbel and Emily Brown. I don't know if I'm surprised at how much these two actually look like sisters, or the fact that they're both so hot I can't take my eyes off them. Either way, this J-Horror remake is now on my top ten list to check out next year, even if my only reason is that I'll be able to stare at these two for two hours and no one will think I'm a weirdo. No release date has been set for A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, but keep it here... we'll let you know as soon as it's announced!



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