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Penny Dreadful renewed by Showtime, will get longer second season

06.04.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Y'all enjoying Showtime's gothic horror series "Penny Dreadful"? If you are, hopefully you're reading our episode recaps every Monday. You will also be happy to hear that the show has just been renewed by the network, with a 10-episode order for season two. (Up from eight episodes this season.) Rejoice!

The news comes from EW, which received the following quote from Showtime prez David Nevins:

ďThe goal here was to see if we could do a genre show a horror show but with all the sophistication and depth of a Showtime show and John Logan ended up being the person to do itÖ Itís been well reviewed by mainstream critics, itís giving us a Comic-Con-appeal show. Itís a whole new world as imagined by Logan.Ē

I suppose that's the first confirmation - of sorts - that "Penny Dreadful" will be making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. Yes geeks, you may actually get to see Eva Green in person. Behave yourselves.

Look for "Penny Dreadful" Season Two in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Are you happy "Penny Dreadful" has been renewed?
Source: EW



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