Raven Banner & 108 Media play A.D. Calvo's The Midnight Game, teaser here

Been a cool 7 months since entertaining THE MIDNIGHT GAME, A.D. Calvo's follow up to HOUSE OF DUST. Something tells me we're soon to hear much more about the flick though, as Raven Banner and 108 Media have acquired the flick and put out an AFM press release. We also have a look at the teaser trailer, courtesy of Raven Banner's official site.

From a screenplay by Rick Dahl (RED ROCK WEST), THE MIDNIGHT GAME tells the story of a group of teenagers who decide to make the time-honored mistake of enacting a pagan ritual, and are forced to deal with the horrific consequences. The witchcraft pic stars Renee Olstead ("The Secret Life of the American Teenager," below), Deborah Twiss, and Shelby Young.

About the pickup, Managing Partner James Fler had this to say:

"We are thrilled to continue our relationship with A.D., it.s an excellent fit."

Director, Calvo added:

"We're proud to be affiliated with Raven Banner and their strong reputation for curating quality genre films. The Midnight Game and House of Dust are two very different films, so Raven's understanding of the full spectrum of the horror genre is a huge plus."

Good deal all around. Now all we need is some release news fresh off AFM, which kicks off tomorrow.

Extra Tidbit: Oh the midnight games I'd play with Renee Olstead (above)!!!
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