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Sasquatch vs Yeti

11.22.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

No matter how many times they make a 'versus' movie, they never seem to get old. ALIEN VS PREDATOR (or more notably, ALIENS VS PREDATOR - REQUIEM) and FREDDY VS JASON come directly to mind, with hundreds of other 'versus' racking up comic books, graphic novels, and video games (I used to love ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR on my Sega Genesis... it was the bomb!).

So when I was dropped a note from director Johnathan Moody about his upcoming project... well, I couldn't resist. Co-written by Keith Stoddard, the flick's called SASQUATCH VS YETI, and while we don't know a whole lot about it, we do know that it'll feature the ultimate battle between Sasquatch and Yeti, two beings that have been talkin' smack to each other for centuries. It's about time they threw down and showed the world who's boss!

Production is scheduled to start next month, and if you wanna check out some more info on the flick, go ahead and visit the OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE! While there isn't a whole lot there yet, there will be plenty of updates throughout production. So what's your take? Spit some bullets below about how you think this battle will go down, and stick around for more updates on SASQUATCH VS YETI as we hear it!

This chick is a 'friend' of SASQUATCH VS YETI... how cool is this?
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