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Summit gets Conjuring

06.17.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
When a publicized bidding war between studios is fought and won, then you know script in question has to be good, right? At least, you would think so, otherwise why would there be a bidding war.

Summit Entertainment just won a bidding war (and paid a shtiload of money) for the rights to the pitch for a haunted house flick called CONJURING, to be written by WHITEOUT writers Chad and Carey Hayes. Just a pitch, yo, not even a full-fledged script. That must have been one killer pitch!

While the specifics to the story haven't been revealed just yet, we do know this: ghosts and demonic possession are at the center of the plot.

And that's all you had to say! So far there have been a ton of linkage to other haunted house films like THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, so methinks this one may be loosely based on a true story, but that's entirely speculation at this point.

And if you're like me, you have no idea what the hell the word 'conjuring' really means, so I looked it up. 'Conjuring' is defined as calling up a spirit or devil . Good to know! Now it makes sense!

Stick around for more on CONJURING as we hear it!

WHITEOUT's Kate Beckinsale!
Extra Tidbit: But wait, WHITEOUT has been plagued with delays since day one--could the pitch for CONJURING really have been that good?
Source: Variety



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