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Suspension joins 8 Films To Die For; trailer here!

08.13.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Another day, another participant in After Dark's revived 8 Films to Die For named. Today we learn Jeffery Scott Lando's slasher SUSPENSION has joined the roster, which already includes RE-KILL, THE WICKED WITHIN, LUMBERJACK MAN and MURDER IN THE DARK. That's five down, three to go.

Here's the plot of SUSPENSION:

Emily is a high-school student with a penchant for drawing gruesome pictures in her sketchbook. There's a reason for her obsession with horrific images: Her father Tom once went on a murder spree and is now residing in a mental hospital. On a night she's home alone babysitting her mute little brother, Tom escapes and targets Emily and her friends during a bloody killing rampage.

Below you'll find the trailer and poster for SUSPENSION, which stars Sage Brocklebank, Ellen MacNevin, Steve Richmond, Rustin Gresiuk, Taylor Russell and Duncan Ollerenshaw.

8 Films to Die Forí will be released in theaters on October 16th.

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