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Takashi Miike's Yakuza Apocalypse casts The Raid star Yayan Ruhian

05.14.2014by: Ryan Miller

I can’t figure out which one is more amazing—the title of Takashi Miike’s new film or the fact that Takashi Miike’s new film will star Indonesian badass Yayan Ruhian (pictured) from THE RAID and THE RAID 2. Either way, I think we can all agree that this is some awesome news! Screen Daily reports that Miike’s return to hardcore genre filmmaking will be a yakuza vampire flick by the name of YAKUZA APOCALYPSE: THE GREAT WAR OF THE UNDERWORLD. So. Much. Awesome.

Ruhian plays an assassin opposite star Hayato Ichihara who... a yakuza underling that discovers his boss is a bloodsucker, only to get bitten himself before going up against a gang of deadly international assassins.

The film was scripted by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi and is currently in production for a 2015 theatrical release in Japan with Nikkatsu launching sales in Cannes.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Miike film?
Source: Screen Daily



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