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Universal nabs Strangers

11.16.2004by: Ammon Gilbert

When I first saw THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, it left me with a sick, disgusting feeling in my gut- and that's something only the best of the best can produce.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Universal Pictures bought writer Bryan Bertino's THE STRANGERS for Vertigo Entertainment to produce. Berntino's script was a semifinalisti in the AMPAS recent Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowhip in Screenwriting competition, and was swiftly picked up by Vertigo.

THE STRANGERS is about a young couple who, upon returning from a wedding, are terrorized by three mysterious strangers in a remote house in the middle of nowhere. Yikes! Whether it's as brutal and disburing as LAST HOUSE remains to be seen, but the premise suggests it will be.

Vertigo has been responsible for the remakes of THE GRUDGE and the upcoming DARK WATER- so their eye for horror is respectible, having a knack for picking some of the scariest movies in recent memory(Well, WATER looks damn scary anyway). Stay tuned as we find out who will direct, and who will star in THE STRANGERS, and don't miss Jennifer Connelly in DARK WATER coming in 2005.



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