Dick Maas turns a killer lion loose on Amsterdam in Prey

The international distribution prospects of the Dutch killer lion movie PREY (or PROOI) aren't clear yet, but the film is set to open in the Netherlands next week, on October 13 th. Its release warrants a mention not only because the movie looks like a fun time, but also because it happens to have been written and directed by Dick Maas, the filmmaker behind such genre offerings...
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Franck Khalfoun will direct Logan Miller thriller Prey for Blumhouse

Franck Khalfoun, the director behind the MANIAC remake and P2, had a stroke of bad luck with his most recent feature, AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING , which has been struggling mightily to get a proper release. That ill-fated franchise picture has not diminished his capital with Blumhouse Productions, however, because the company (along with Hyde-Park Image Nation) are giving him another...
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Three new images from The Walking Dead episode 3x14 "Prey" crawl in

A handful of stills have come our way for next Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," entitled "Prey," and we have your undead fix below. Check it out along with all of the details you need to get primed for the inevitable War of Woodbury. "The Walking Dead" Episode 3.14 - "Prey" (airs Sunday 3/17/13) The Governor chases a dissenter who fled Woodbury. While the Governor is gone, a...
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Prey on this promo and clip from the next episode of The Walking Dead

The storm is coming to Woodbury and it ain't gonna be pretty! Did you get a chance to see last nights installment of "The Walking Dead"? If not, you can check out our recap right HERE , and then come back to check out a sneak peek at next weeks episode titled "Prey" below, with a promo piece and a short clip. THE WALKING DEAD episode 3x14: Prey. The Governor chases a dissenter...
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