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Mike Flanagan's Oculus is getting a remake... in India!

  While Mike Flanagan's critically-praised OCULUS may not be on the fast-track to receiving a sequel, it will be getting the remake treatment! Before you flip out, know that it's not happening in the U.S. or in English. (No, that's at least ten years down the road.) OCULUS will be remade in India, as was revealed by Relativity Media's CEO Ryan Kavanaugh. The film's Bollywood...
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Riddick director David Twohy set to helm sci-fi thriller Replay

Looks like David Twohy isn't leaving the sci-fi realm anytime soon... According to Deadline, Twohy (seen above) has been hired by Relativity to direct the time-traveling sci-fi thriller REPLAY . The script, which was snatched up by the studio in July, was written by Joe Gazzam. Let us know what you think of the synopsis below. REPLAY tracks Tyler Vaughn, a test subject...
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Lucas Till enters The Disappointments Room with Kate Beckinsale

Just three days after hearing Mel Raido will join the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale in new thriller THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM , another new name has joined the ring... According to THR, Lucas Till (above) has just been added to the cast of THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM. Word is Till will get to sink his teeth into a meaty role as a mysterious carpenter who works on the main couple's...
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Exclusive Interview: Oculus Stars Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane!

In the new horror film from Mike Flanagan (ABSENTIA), there is a creepy mirror that may – or may not – be causing a world of hurt for a sister and brother whose lives were thrown into turmoil after a family tragedy. As the parents involved, the very talented Rory Cochrane and Katee Sackhoff give fantastic performances as a loving couple who find they are taking a very dark...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Oculus Star Karen Gillan!

Any fan of “Doctor Who” should be very familiar with the name Karen Gillan. In fact, with the upcoming release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, nearly everybody will be familiar with the talented actress. Thankfully, Ms. Gillan is giving genre fans a little something that is pretty damn scary. In OCULUS, she portrays a young woman who sets out to convince everyone she can that a possessed...
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Movie based on interactive comic Anomaly coming soon

Relativity Media will finance, produced and distribute ANOMALY , a live action feature based on the interactive comic book created and written by Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin. Ed Ricourt (NOW YOU SEE ME) will write the screenplay. Anomaly, an epic science-fiction adventure, is available as a 370-page hardcover book and as a stand-alone tablet app. Here's what it's all about:...
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James O'Barr discusses The Crow reboot

Feelings have been quite mixed when it comes to Relativity Media's upcoming reboot of comic creator James O'Barr's THE CROW , but one person who thinks things are certainly headed in the right direction is O'Barr himself, who recently chatted with Total Film about the project. You may remember that Luke Evans was announced in May as the man who would be tackling...
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Relativity taps Stoker scribe Wentworth Miller to Scare Me

Wentworth Miller may have caused the ladies to swoon when he starred on the hit Fox series "Prison Break", but the cat has proved that he's a man of many talents when he penned the screenplay for Park Chan-wook's STOKER , which drew the actor-turned-writer a lot of attention. Now Deadline is reporting that Miller has been tapped by Relativity Media to adapt the upcoming novel SCARE ME....
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Sci-fi thriller news: Relativity has Tipping Point, Starz falls for Human Error

Here's a pair of newly developed sci-fi thriller to keep you warm at night...one on the small screen, one on the big. Relativity Media put out a missive today claiming they've set Ric Roman Waugh (SNITCH) to rewrite and direct the sci-fi feature TIPPING POINT . Todd Stein came up with the original idea. Temple Hill Entertainment’s Marty Bowen (The Twilight Saga) and Wyck...
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