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Rob Zombie's 31: Father Murder and Charley get character posters

Earlier this week, character posters featuring Doom-Head and Psycho-Head from Rob Zombie's upcoming film 31 hit the internets, and now two more character posters have followed.  31 is about  five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World. Once there, they have 12 hours to...
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Doom-Head and Psycho-Head of Rob Zombie's 31 get character posters

There have been times when the wait for Rob Zombie's 31 has seemed frustratingly long, but it looks like the movie is all set now. It got a new poster , a trailer , and distributor Saban Films have scheduled it for a September 16 th On Demand release, to be followed by an October 21 st theatrical release. Now a new couple new pieces of promotional material...
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The trailer for Rob Zombie's 31 takes you to murder school

The moment we've been waiting months for has arrived - the trailer for writer/director Rob Zombie's 31 is now online. Zombie has hyped Richard Brake's 31 character Doom-Head as "the next great villian of horror", and Brake can be seen delivering one hell of a performance in the trailer, which focuses heavily on him amid blood-soaked imagery that makes it...
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Rob Zombie's 31 gets a new poster and October theatrical release

UPDATE : Since this article was first posted this morning, Saban Films has confirmed that 31 will be released On Demand on September 16th, with a limited theatrical release to follow on October 21st. Having switched distribution companies, moving over to Saban Films from Alchemy, Rob Zombie's latest directorial effort 31 is getting closer and closer to be being...
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Saban Films acquires Rob Zombie's 31, plans September release date

Well, speak of the devil. We just shared with you the new music video from Rob Zombie's album when news comes out that his crowdfunded horror flick 31 has been picked up by Saban Films! The company acquired the North American distribution rights, slating it for limited theatrical release on September 16, 2016 . Says Saban president Bill Bromley: 31 is a treat not...
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Picture from Rob Zombie's 31 offers a new look at Doom-Head

Last September , writer/director Rob Zombie hyped up his latest film, 31 , by predicting that one its characters, an evil fellow called Doom-Head and played by Richard Brake, would become the next great villain of horror. 31 has since had its world premiere at Sundance, where own our Chris Bumbray was lucky enough to see it. In his 7/10 review , Bumbray gives special mention to...
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Rob Zombie releases another 31 picture before Sundance debut

Soon a bunch of people will be talking about the fact that they have seen Rob Zombie's latest directorial effort, 31 . The project has been quite mysterious so far, there have been two screenings but no one who was in attendance has ever shared their reaction to the film. At 11:59pm on Saturday, though, an audience will get to see 31 when it screens at the Sundance Film Festival at...
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The hunted fight their hunters in new shots from Rob Zombie's 31

Everything is starting to fall into place for writer/director Rob Zombie's 31 . Although we still don't know when distributor Alchemy plans to release the film, it has secured its R rating , gotten a new poster , and it's just days away from screening at the Sundance Film Festival .  While he prepares to show 31 to its Sundance audience, and while we wait to...
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New poster for Rob Zombie's 31 welcomes you to Hell

In celebration of the fact that he has won a hard-fought battle with the MPAA to secure an R rating for his new film 31 , writer/director Rob Zombie has taken to his social media accounts to share a new promotional image with his fans, as he has many times throughout the filmmaking process. But this new image isn't another look behind the scenes. This time Zombie has shared the...
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Rob Zombie offers more looks behind the scenes of 31

The wait to hear a release date announcement for Rob Zombie's latest film 31 continues, just as the musician/filmmaker continues to post behind-the-scenes images from the making of the film on his social media accounts. The latest batch of pictures Zombie has been kind enough to share give a look at a graffitied set; the writer/director conferring with actor Richard Brake,...
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31 has screened again; Rob Zombie shares more pictures

There are now two groups of people who have seen writer/director Rob Zombie's latest film 31 , but I'm assuming that Non-Disclosure Agreements are at work, as the only one talking about these screenings is Zombie himself. Just over one month after the first screening , Zombie had this to say about the second:  Last night's sneak preview screening of 31 was a...
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Rob Zombie shares a new image from 31 after its first screening

The first positive review of Rob Zombie's new film 31 is in, and it comes from the writer/director himself. Last night, Zombie took to his Facebook page to make the following report: Had a special screening of 31 last night. Holy f*ck it was awesome! Even though the film is not 100% finished it rocked. If you loved The DEVIL'S REJECTS... well, then you will love this...
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