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Mary Shelley's Monster snares Sophie Turner & Taissa Farmiga

Not sure this will quite pan out as AITH worthy, but what the hell... Deadline has it that Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner (above) has just been cast as the titular lead in MARY SHELLEY'S MONSTER , a thrilling dramatization of the Frankenstein authoress' life. Coky Giedroyc (The Killing, Penny Dreadful) will direct from a script by Deborah Baxtrom. Mary...
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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner is tormented in the trailer for Another Me

Sophie Turner's Sansa on HBO's "Game of Thrones" has certainly been though a lot, but not even King Joffrey could have put the actress through the torment her character goes through in Isabel Coixet's psychological horror film ANOTHER ME, based on Cathy MacPhail's novel of the same name. Today we have a new trailer for the doppelgänger thriller, which also...
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Kill of the Day: "Game of Thrones" (2013)

Well ladies and gents "Game of Thrones" is just a couple weeks away from returning and kicking our asses with it's awesomeness so I figured now would be as best a time as any to revisit Season 3 of the show and this pretty epic scene, at least in this schmuck's opinion. For today's Kill of the Dead we're watching as little Arya Stark finally gets her first kill under her belt. Took her...
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Horror Whores: "Game of Thrones" (2012)

If you're not watching HBO's "Game of Thrones" then what the Hell are you waiting for? Seriously. Trust me, if you're a fan of Arrow in the Head and horror you'll dig "Game of Thrones." Plus it has smoking hot sex scenes like the one I'm using for today's Horror Whores! In this clip the "King of the North" finally gets the forbidden fruit in nurse Talisa. Naked skin ensues. "Game...
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