2 Babylon ADs

Wow, even though we - over here in the UK - don't get DEATH PROOF until it's been about for ages already and we don't get GONE BABY GONE.... like... ever, it looks like we might just get one of you guys stateside, in regards the Vin Diesel flick BABYLON AD. Apparently, Europeans are getting a much longer cut of the film (allegedly clocking in at a fatty two hours and forty minutes), while Fox, who hold the rights in most non-European regions, have requested a significantly shorter version. Us Europeans will get the flick in early 2008, whilst everyone else will be waiting till August. In spite of pushbacks generally always spelling trouble, I'm really rooting for this flick; I like Vin Diesel and he's really trying his little heart out to make an epic sci-fi film. BABYLON AD tells the story of Thoorop (Diesel), a mercenary who takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to China, without being clued in on the fact that she might just be host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah.
Extra Tidbit: At least if this movie tanks and demolishes Diesel's career, there's always YOU GOT SERVED 2: DIESEL POWER to fall back on. Boy got skillz.
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