A Quiet Place: Day One: Get your headphones on for the announcement of tomorrow’s trailer drop

The countdown begins on traveling back to that fateful day when an invasion would silence the world. The new audio-centric teaser announces tomorrow’s trailer.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

Paramount Pictures promoted the upcoming release of A Quiet Place: Day One during their panel at CinemaCon

Shhh. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the new teaser for A Quiet Place: Day One. While series creator John Krasinski has opted to do a much more family-friendly fare with the Ryan Reynolds movie IF, A Quiet Place has been handed off to some pretty capable hands as Michael Sarnoski steps up to sit in the director’s seat. The new trailer will be dropping sometime tomorrow. However, the official Instagram account for the film and the film’s studio, Paramount, couldn’t wait to tease audiences with this atmospheric, ASMR-esque video which should give you the environment of the invasion as you listen to it with headphones on.

Footage was showcased at this year’s CinemaCon and our own Lance Vlcek would give his description, “Set in New York. Lupita Nyong’o looks up to see the aliens shooting down to earth as everyone in the city looks at what seems to be meteors raining down. Everything goes wild, chaos in the streets, everyone is getting attacked/killed as Nyong’o hides under a truck. A man tries to hide with her, only for him to be pulled away to death. Jump scare cut! Army and martial law takes over and everyone in NY is quarantined. The army destroys all of the bridges out of the city, keeping everyone (assuming they think the monsters as well) stuck in the city. Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn make a pack to escape the city. Quinn and Nyong’o escape into a skyscraper. The revolving door creaks, causing a slew of monsters to ascend into the building, climbing down the outside of the skyscraper in what looks like a great set piece.“

While John Krasinski directed the previous two films, he is producing A Quiet Place: Day One and has passed the helming duties over to Michael Sarnoski, director of the Nicolas Cage drama Pig (watch it HERE). Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) was attached to write and direct A Quiet Place: Day One for a while, but when he dropped out he was replaced by Sarnoski. The story, which is credited to Krasinski and Sarnoski, does take place in the same world established in the first two movies, but doesn’t involve the Abbott family, the characters we followed through the first two movies.

Meanwhile, Sarnoski’s next project will be a dark reimagining with Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer which depicts an aged Robin of Lockley titled The Death of Robin Hood. Sarnoski is writing and directing the film, which is said to be “a darker reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale. Set of its time, the film will see the title character grappling with his past after a life of crime and murder, a battleworn loner who finds himself gravely injured and in the hands of a mysterious woman who offers him a chance at salvation.” Production is due to begin in February 2025.

Source: Paramount

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