A preview of the 2010 Toronto Film Festival!

Today the 35th Toronto International Film Festival will be kicking into high gear, offering 300 of the most buzzed about, heavily anticipated films from around the world. Once again, I’ll be representing JoBlo.com, and of the incredible schedule, there are quite a few that stand out in a big way and have made it onto my must see list.

Here are ten of my most anticipated titles, all of which I’ll hopefully be seeing and reviewing within the next week.


BLACK SWAN is director Darren Aronofsky’s must anticipated follow-up to THE WRESTLER. Having already played to a rapturous response at the Venice International Film Festival and Telluride, this film is already making onto most critics Oscar shortlist. Star Natalie Portman is considered all but a lock for Best Actress at this point. Oscar buzz aside, BLACK SWAN is a must see for me due to Aronofsky, who’s a genius. Even when his films aren’t great, they’re always AT LEAST interesting, and paired with an actress of Portman’s caliber, I expect great things. The trailer makes this look like a cross between THE RED SHOES, and THE SHINING, and it’s nice to see someone of Aronofsky’s stature dabbling in horror.


Ben Affleck’s follow-up to GONE BABY, GONE, and one that is being tipped to be his ticket back onto the A-List as a leading man. Now, I’m not the world’s biggest Ben Affleck fan, but GONE BABY, GONE was a masterpiece, so I’m willing to bet THE TOWN will be something special. It’s also worth noting that Affleck’s improved a lot as an actor over the last few years, with a scene-stealing turn in EXTRACT, and a solid leading role in the Sundance hit COMPANY MEN. The trailers suggest THE TOWN will reveal facets of Affleck’s talent that have been hidden up to this point. Pair that with a lead role for MAD MEN’s Jon Hamm, a key supporting role for the great Jeremy Renner, and a much buzzed about performance by GOSSIP GIRL’s Blake Lively, and I’m confident we have a winner here. Also, that trailer attached to INCEPTION was incredible.


Ben’s not the only Affleck with a film playing at TIFF, although Brother Casey’s doc about the newly mad Joaquin Phoenix, might be a bit more of a mixed bag. Phoenix’s shtick might wear out its welcome faster than it did during his Letterman interview.


uot;left">Neither Robert De Niro, nor Edward Norton’s done much noteworthy over the last few years, but the fact remains that they are without a doubt two incredibly talented, and iconic actors. Whatever they do is automatically worth seeing, if only for the glimmer of hope that it’ll be a return to their former glory. Fingers crossed.


When I first heard director Matt Reeves was remaking the great LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, I was dead set against it. An American version of this incredible, subtle Swedish masterpiece sounded like an idiotic idea, but the early buzz is remarkably good. The trailer is fantastic, and it looks like Richard Jenkins, in a key supporting role might actually improve upon the performance of his Swedish counterpart. We’ll see, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.


Danny Boyle’s follow-up to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, this tells the true story of climber Aron Ralston, who became trapped in an isolated canyon, and was forced to saw off his own arm in order to escape. Pair Boyle with star James Franco, and subject matter that suggests 127 HOURS might be this year’s INTO THE WILD, and you have a film that’s a must see.


The subject matter’s been done to death (sane person trapped in an evil mental ward), but the fact that this mark’s John Carpenter’s first film since GHOST OF MARS makes this something I need to check out. The fact that it stars the beautiful Amber Heard doesn’t hurt either.


Clint Eastwood’s long awaited ghost story, starring Matt Damon- HEREAFTER marks Clint’s first genre experiment since his otherworldly western duo, HIGH PLIANS DRIFTER, and PALE RIDER. While I doubt it’ll measure up to either of those films, Eastwood doesn’t make bad movies (well, except ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN), so worst case scenario, this will just be so-so. Best case: another Oscar for Clint to throw on the pile.


Director Mark Romanek’s LONG awaited follow-up to ONE HOUR PHOTO. The story’s been done before, but Romanek, and the hot cast, including Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan, and the new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, makes this a noteworthy TIFF selection.


Colin Firth’s performance as English monarch Edward VI is getting a lot of Oscar buzz, and the fact that this has the mighty Weinstein Brothers campaigning for it, it’s all but guaranteed a whole bunch of Oscar noms. If they can get NINE nominated, imagine what they can do with a good film?


Mickey Rourke. Megan Fox. Christopher Doyle. Bill Murray as a gangster and this isn’t a comedy. I’m there!

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