Andy Samberg, Spock set for Anna Faris comedy

Andy Samberg and Zachary Quinto are set to star alongside Anna Faris in the upcoming R-rated comedy WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? The film will star Faris as a woman who realizes she has just slept with her 20th guy, well above the national average of 10. Determined not to go past No. 20, she takes off across America on a tour of her former lovers trying to find which, if any, she'll find true love with.

Previously cast in the film is Chris Evans, who'll play her womanizing next door neighbor (and presumably the guy who she winds up with in the end). Don't worry CAPTAIN AMERICA fans, filming on NUMBER will begin this May and Evans will wrap with enough time to strap on the starred shield.

Both Samberg and Quinto will play exes of Faris, most of which are absurd to the point of comedy (in the book the film is based on, one is a muppeteer and the other an inmate).

Maybe this project fits into Samberg's tight SNL hiatus but isn't this dude funny enough to headline his own film (HOT ROD??) instead of playing a supporting role in an Anna Faris film?

Extra Tidbit: Samberg's real first name is Dave.
Source: EW.com



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