Another blast from the past: Gidget getting rebooted

Remember Gidget? Uh, yeah I didn’t think so. I’m sure a few of you have memories dating back to the late ‘50s and ‘60s, but most of us have only heard the name in passing, and don’t really understand what a pop culture icon the surfer girl was way back then.

Well, what a surprise, someone wants to make Gidget over for the 21st century, and a new film is in the works. Gidget was previously played by Sandra Dee and Sally Field, and save your casting suggestions for my inevitable Cast This column on Thursday.

Why bring Gidget back now? 300 producer Mark Canton explains

"Gidget has always been such a strong symbol of girl power," Canton tells Variety. "With female surfing exploding across the globe, the time is right to bring her back in a major way."

True story: Every girl I’ve ever met owns BLUE CRUSH. They could be on to something here.

Extra Tidbit: I love how this is from the producer of 300. I'm not sure you could find two more opposite characters than Leonidas and Gidget.
Source: Variety



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