Michael Bay & Post Malone partner with Vault Comics to create a new universe and feature film based on an original idea from the chart-topping artist

Chart-topping artist and Taylor Swift’s new best friend, Post Malone, is partnering with Michael Bay and Vault Comics for new projects.

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

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Between appearing in a minor role for Doug Liman’s Road House, singing alongside Taylor Swift on the chart-topping hit “Fortnight,” and making history with the first-ever RIAA-certified Double-Diamond single, everything is coming up Milhouse for Post Malone. Not content to rest on his laurels, Malone is partnering with Michael Bay, Brad Fuller’s Platinum Dunes, and Vault Comics to create an all-new IP universe based on an original idea from the unstoppable auto-tune-loving artist.

According to Deadline, Malone’s idea is inspired by George Miller’s beloved thriller Mad Max: Fury Road and demonic horror films like Evil Dead. Post Malone’s universe is set in medieval Europe, where the only thing standing in the way of the horde of demons infesting the continent is a mysterious armored 18-wheeler seemingly sent back from the heavens.

“I’m so pumped to share this badass story with the world, and I couldn’t ask for better partners than Michael Bay and Vault to help bring this story to life,” Posty told Deadline.

Founded in 2016, Vault Comics highlights indie creators and publishes page-turning stories across multiple genres. My favorite Vault comics include Daniel Kraus’s bone-chilling horror series The Autumnal, Alex Paknadel’s Friendo, Rebekah Isaac’s sexy science-fiction series Money Shot, and Justin Richards’s emotionally-charged teen drama Finger Guns.

Malone’s first project with Vault Comics is a graphic novel set for a 2025 release. In addition to publishing the story, Malone, Platinum Dunes, and Vault will simultaneously develop a feature film adaptation.

“This is the kind of project you dream about,” said Vault CEO Damian Wassel. “We get to work with an exceptional artist at the top of his game to build a completely original story from the ground up. We have an iconic director helping to guide the creative development. We’re going to bring the world a mind-blowing graphic novel, and that’s just the beginning.”

“I love working with talented people, and Post Malone is incredibly gifted,” says Bay. “I am excited to work with him on such an intriguing idea, and when you add Vault to the mix, it raises the bar to another level. This new IP is just what the graphic world needs right now.”

Put Post Malone in Fortnite, you cowards! I’m sorry. I just needed to share that with the world. What do you think about Michael Bay partnering with Post Malone for a film based on Malone’s science-fiction-tinged musings? I’m down to check it out. Let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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