Ari Graynor to play Jonah Hill's selfish girlfriend in David Gordon Green's The Sitter

Jonah Hill needed a girlfriend for his babysitting comedy THE SITTER. Well they found him one--Ari Graynor.

You might have seen Grayor in YOUTH IN REVOLT, WHIP IT, or even on FRINGE, but her role in NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST is the one that stands out for me. That scene where she grabs her gum out of the toilet...yuck.

In THE SITTER, Graynor plays Hill's selfish, self-involved girlfriend who somehow tricks her idiot boyfriend into going on a coke run for her, and I'm not talkin' about soda here people! This part seems like something right up Graynor's alley, so I'm sure she will be great in it.

Originally Jonathan Levine (THE WACKNESS) was set to direct the film, then dropped it in order to do I'M WITH CANCER starring Seth Rogen and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. The film has been described as a "modern day ADVENTURE'S IN BABYSITTING"...with cocaine. The film centers on a college student that gets dragged into babysitting the kids of his cougar-type neighbor. His task ends up being more than he bargained for with cops, drugs, and everything in between. Supposedly, the antics revolving around Graynor will be a big part of the film.

Extra Tidbit: Did any of you actually see NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST?
Source: Deadline



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