Armie Hammer and Charlize Theron could co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar

When I heard that Armie Hammer played the Winklevoss twins, I was pretty impressed.

It looks like people are paying more attention to this guy, more specifically Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio. Hammer is currently in talks to star opposite DiCaprio in J. EDGAR (previously titled HOOVER). The role Hammer is being offered is the one of, "lawyer-turned-FBI-official — and, some say, Hoover’s lover — Clyde Tolson. Though the pair didn’t always agree on political tactics, Tolson remained a loyal friend and advisor to Hoover."

Charlize Theron is another name on the list of people that Eastwood wants. Theron is being offered the part of, "Helen Gandy, a Justice Department file clerk Hoover selected as his personal secretary at the age of 21, and who wound up working for him for over 54 years."

Eastwood will direct the script from Dustin Lance Black (MILK). Filming begins early next year.

Um, could you pass the apple Charlize?
Extra Tidbit: I'll be more impressed when Hammer plays Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in the same movie.
Source: EWVulture



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