Avatar pic!

I know that title is misleading and I'm sorry for that but this really is a picture from behind-the-scenes of James Cameron's AVATAR. And the title isn't really misleading, it's just that when you hear the word avatar now you get an immediate boner and get disappointed if the picture you see doesn't have laser beams and star ships and tits and bare female ass and explosions and broad swords and alien warfare and vast armies and cyborgs and tigers and ninjas and the crumbling of communism and the secret to world peace and a map to Atlantis and Hermione's vagina and religious reason and the ability to eat one cookie and have that be enough and if all of that stuff isn't in 3-D.

All I'm saying is this thing might be anti-climactic.

The digital 3-D movie tells of a war that breaks out on the distant planet Pandora when paraplegic ex-marine war veteran (Sam Worthington) is sent to establish a human settlement. Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana and Giovanni Ribisi also star
Extra Tidbit: The new technology used to shoot this film was developed by Cameron himself.
Source: LA Times



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