Bates joins Revolution

I've made serveral bold statements in my time at Joblo and thus far I haven't received so much abuse as to make me stop, so I'm going to make another one now: Kathy Bates has joined the two young actors most deserving of an Academy Award, in the upcoming movie REVOLUTIONARY ROAD.

Bates (TITANIC) will be acting in the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio (TITANIC) and Kate Winslet (TITANIC) for director Sam Mendes (AMERICAN BEAUTY). In case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure this movie will be great - not because of the stellar talent involved - but because Mendes' marriage to Winslet is pretty powerful proof that he does in fact have a deal with the devil. And if GHOST RIDER taught me anything (apart from if ever a demon confronts me on a rooftop, all I need to do to kill it is swing a chain around and laugh) it's that the devil takes care of its own.

The film, based on the book set in the 1950s, by Richard Yates, looks at a young couple whose relationship deteriorates as they try to raise their children.
Extra Tidbit: If there are any other young actors that deserve Oscars, it would in my opinion be a three-way tie between Ed Norton, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling.
Source: Moviehole



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