Berg sinks Battleship?

While I'll always consider "Clue" to be the best movie based on a board game, a number of other board games are trying to usurp that title. OUIJA, MONOPOLY and CANDY LAND are all in active development and now comes word that Peter Berg (HANCOCK) is in talks to direct a movie based on the popular game BATTLESHIP. Since the game doesn't have much of a plot other than yelling out "D7!" and "You sank my battleship!," don't be surprised that the project, set up at Universal, is being planned as an "epic naval action adventure" that will only really match the game in name and (likely) catchphrase.

Jon and Erich Hoeber, writers of the perpetually delayed Kate Beckinsale thriller WHITEOUT, are working on the script for Uni and Hasbro. Looking to get themselves some of that TRANSFORMERS cash, Universal signed a six-year deal with Hasbro last year that resulted in the development of many of the pics you read above. Berg is also developing a DUNE remake and it's unclear which project currently has the priority.

So what board game do you think would make the best movie? Me? Yahtzee!

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who hated Electronic Battleship?
Source: THR



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