Blinded by boobs?

Rose McGowan Who's boobs? Rose McGowan's boobs.

Granted, McGowan's sweater puppets are certainly in the top tier of Hollywood but are they powerful enough to derail a big budget Hollywood production? Apparently, they are. So enamored is Robert Rodriguez of his new beau, it seems, that, according to the NY Observer, because he refused to budge on casting McGowan as the bikini clad bombshell space warrior Barbarella in the big budget remake he recently signed on to direct, Universal has backed out of financing the film.

Of course, all this comes from the ever present "secret source" and Rodriguez contends that the problem came because he wasn't willing to accept Universal slashing the film's budget to sixty million when he had a much grander scale in mind. Universal, he says, loved McGowan in the role but weren't willing to give him leeway on the budget.

So, was it the boobs? Or was it the budget? You decide.

Rose McGowan

Extra Tidbit: McGowan was born in Italy.
Source: NY Observer



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