Butler gets cranked

Ever since CRANK injected viewers with more adrenaline than could possibly be healthy, some have wondered what filmmakers Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine would do next. Turns out they're just playing some videogames.

The writing-directing duo have promised another CRANK flick, but first are making a high-concept cyber-thriller called GAME. The movie will be set in the near-future and star inhumanly abdominaled 300 warrior Gerard Butler as Kable, the top competitor in an online game called Slayers where players mind-control other humans.

The film will no doubt take nods from ludicrously popular massively multiplayer online games like Everquest, World of Warcraft and Second Life, and will surely make incisive statements on tech dependence and isolation while hopefully being more entertaining than watching other people play videogames.

Butler is still attached to play the infamous antihero Snake Plissken in a remake/prequel of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, unless someone can reach the reset button.
Extra Tidbit: Butler has previous game-to-film experience from the unfortunate TOMB RAIDER sequel.



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