CAN: James Toback lunch

Well this was a first for me! I attended a round table interview and filmed it while eating lunch and watching the talent eat lunch. Yup made for an interesting experience. When the camera is shaking its because I was chewing on some swell sandwiches...lol! The lunch in question was with director JAMES TOBACK (Two Guys and a Girl) for his biting documentary on ex boxing champ of the world MIKE TYSON named TYSON. Tyson himself was initially supposed to show up but alas he pulled out the day before. Too bad, I'm a huge fan of Tyson and it would've been an honor to meet him.

Great man James Toback and his lunch!

With that said, Mr. Toback made for a very interesting listen. He's obviously highly intelligent, pleasantly articulate and he sure knows how to teach them sandwiches lessons they won't soon forget. Click the preview box below to attend some of the lunch and hear what Toback has to say about TYSON, his sexual relationships with women, his jail time and beyond!

Click here to attend the lunch!

Toback warned me he'd do the "gay hand on lap" as he called it for this pic beforehand, I thought he was kidding! HE WASN'T LOL!

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