Caspian cast?

NarniaWeb - The (Self Proclaimed) World's #1 Source for Narnia Movie News - is reporting that the title character in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CAPSIAN has been cast. They're reporting (by way of Times Online, which seems to have taken the story offline) that none other than Ben Barnes has won the role. Yes! Ben Barnes!!! OK, I have no idea who Ben Barnes is and, in the interest of full disclosure, I have no idea who Prince Caspian is either. So I have no idea is this is a good casting move or a bad one. But this Barnes chap (right) certainly looks princely. He's got a part in this summer's STARDUST and recently dropped out of "The History Boys" on the London stage to take the CASPIAN part. Director Andrew Adamson says of Barnes: "He just blew us....................away" (emphasis ours). Filming is currently underway on CASPIAN in New Zealand with a May 18th, 2008 release planned. Let Barnesmania begin!

Extra Tidbit: Ben Barnes is not related to Priscilla Barnes, Matt Barnes, or Barnes & Noble.
Source: NarniaWeb



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