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Yes, it's been awhile since we've done a cast this column, because frankly, there hasn't been a lot of options to choose from. But we're back with a new one today as a classic franchise is being rebooted. Yeah, yeah, what else is new?

That's right, it's HELLRAISER and with recent news that the series is taking a turn toward being aimed at teens (with a PG-13 rating), chances are we're probably going to see a reworking of Pinhead. Perhaps even without all the pins in his head. The MPAA surely disapproves.

So yes, it's true, actor Douglas Bradley has played the character in all eight HELLRAISER films, making him only the third horror icon aside from Tobin Bell and Robert Englund to play the same killer in over six films. But this is a reboot, and not another sequel, so I think even he may be out.

Feel free to vote for him if you think he's the right man for the job, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dimension tries to cast a recognizable to name to terrorize Amber Heard who is rumored to be starring.

Qualifications? A lot of makeup will be used sure, but Pinhead is smart and articulate, unlike many horror villains, and above all creepy. I'm sure there are some good selections out there if Bradley really is getting kicked to the curb.


A long while ago, we sat down to cast the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, as reboots are the bread and butter of this column. Who were your guys' picks for the four titular roles? Not a lot of consensus, so I pulled out what I could:

1. Reed Richards - Billy Crudup 2. Sue Storm - Elizabeth Banks 3. Johnny Storm - Ryan Kwanten 4. Ben Grimm (voice) - Adam Baldwin


Elizabeth Banks as Sue Storm was the only universally approved suggestion, as the others were very hard to agree on. Guess that happens when you're casting four roles instead of one. But if this was the selection right here, I'd be totally fine with it. I've especially been wanting to see Ryan Kwanten break into a big film for a while now.

Alright, so how about Pinhead?

Extra Tidbit: The MPAA: "He can have no more than 20 pins in his face, 21 and you're rated R."
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