CAST THIS: Snow White

With two dueling projects competing to be the best live-action rendition of the classic tale, I figured it was time to write this column. Snow White most know as the classic Disney animated film, but now two films are taking it in a far different direction from its roots.

Two films, two Snow Whites, but who should they be? That's what this casting column aims to find out, and I could use your help with the selections for each film.

First, there's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMAN, who recently has courted Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy for the Hunstman role. That film is about the pursuit of a murderous white wolf, and the Huntsman and White are a kind of tag team throughout.

Then there's Tarsem Singh's version, which from the director of THE FALL and THE CELL will likely be pretty trippy. That plot hasn't been discussed yet, but it might follow the original a bit more closely. I'll be looking forward to seeing how he handles the dwarfs.

So I don't really see the point in doing two separate columns for each role, so just give me your best suggestion as to who should play Snow White in either film. If you'd like to specify which, that's fine too.

Last Week: LOIS LANE

Last week we asked who should play Superman's love interest, Lois Lane, in the Zack Snyder/Chris Nolan reboot. Which names stood out above all the others?

1. Rachel McAdams (17%) 2. Evangeline Lilly (13%) 3. Zooey Deschanel (10%)

Really good picks guys. In some instances of this column, you leave me saying, whaaa? But this time around, I heartily agree with any of these picks.

McAdams specifically I think is the best choice by a mile. She's gorgeous, talented and has the right look for the part. Lilly and Zooey both resemble the animated Lois Lane more than any recent live action version of her, though I have a bit of trouble seeing Deschanel in a blockbuster like this. And do you think Lilly would up to the task dramatically? But I think both could work in theory.

Alright, now how about Snow White?

Extra Tidbit: This article took me twice as long to write as usual because I spent 20 minutes looking at pictures of Zooey Deschanel's eyes.
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