Chloe Moretz to enter the world of odd goth girls to play Emily the Strange

If you've ever been inside of a Hot Topic, it's likely that you've encountered the little raven haired girl called Emily the Strange.

Well, now she's bringing her discontent to the big screen with Chloe Moretz playing her.

Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to Dark Horse's Emily the Strange comic. Emily is your typical 13-year old goth chick. She hates pink, wears black all the time, loves math and science, listens to old rock and punk, and has black cats as best friends. She seems a bit Wednesday Addams, except a little less macabre. Emily is known to be bored often, so in the comic series she goes on adventures with her cats.

Skateboarder Rob Reger created Emily back in 1993. He knew that Moretz was the one for the job as soon as he saw her, "When I first met Chloe I knew I found my Emily. She really identifies and understands the character, and has what it takes to bring her to life." This news was announced on Emily's 17th birthday, even though she remains forever 13.

Next up, you will get to see the awesome Moretz in LET ME IN. She also has THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET, THE FIELDS, and a KICK-ASS sequel coming up as well.

Extra Tidbit: Madeleine Martin from CALIFORNICATION is pretty much a dead-ringer for Emily, but I do love me some Moretz. She's a bad ass.
Source: Deadline



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