Chow Yun-Fat's Bullets

Confucius say: man can only find peace after emptying all six chambers.

Chow Yun-Fat is following up his turn as that ancient philosopher with some gunplay in the Hong Kong comedy Western LET THE BULLETS FLY. With the star of THE KILLER and HARD BOILED on board, that title alone is enough to merit some excitement.

And the title is basically all we have -- not much is known about the story itself, except that the script had to go through numerous rewrites before it met with Chow's satisfaction.

It'll be nice to see the Hong Kong superstar put both his charm and his trigger fingers to good use again. The $18 million film is now in production with actor/filmmaker Wen Jiang, who also stars in the movie.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a Western comedy in a different language, maybe the highly entertaining trailer for the loopy French movie LUCKY LUKE will tide you over...

Extra Tidbit: Chow had long been involved with an Old West rail worker project with John Woo, before they apparently had an irreparable falling out.
Source: Variety



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