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C'MON HOLLYWOOD: Cut Mel Gibson some slack!


...cut Mel Gibson some slack!
by J.A. Hamilton

Iím not one to dip my pen in controversial ink all too often, but Iím a big fan of Mel Gibson and Iím pretty steamed that every time I turn on the TV I see some (or several) talk show hosts slamming the shit out of him because of his recent interviews for EDGE OF DARKNESS. If the reporters in question were as focused on his new movie as they were about stirring up some shit things would have been fine. One guy even had to the balls to say some people feel that Mel shouldnít be allowed to return to Hollywood films. Thatís a bit much as far as Iím concerned and they just keep on throwing punches. These fools were blatantly provoking the man and I think itís ridiculous.

What's done is done people, move on.

Now Iím not signing off on drinking and driving, nor am I saying that disrespecting cops or going on a colourful adjective spree comprised of racism and swearing is all right. Drinking and driving IS a big deal and itís NOT a good idea of unload on the police, especially when they pull your ass over for breaking the law. What Iím saying is that Melís human, and not only do we all make mistakes, we tend to get pretty angry when weíre caught in the act. I was once pulled over for a rolling stop and in a spout of anger told the female officer I hoped she got shot in the face. Was I wrong, absolutely, but I was mad and spoke without thinking. It can happen to the best of us.

"You're right Jim, what we need here is more blood!"

Iím thinking they may not have made such a big deal out of it all if not for things like his dad saying that he believed the Jewish people made up the Holocaust and were trying to take over the world. Now thatís a statement that would stick to you until you died, but then again, Mel didnít say it, his dad did. Of course then Mel comes out with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which I felt half and half about. I mean, I have to respect any man who tackles THAT project, but making a movie about Jesus is one thing and beating the living hell out of him for two hours is something else entirely. The movie made a mad sum of money, but Iím sure some people are still itching to burn him for it.

At least Mel hasn't lost his sense of humor.

THE PASSION aside, Mel has proven his worth behind the camera more than once and I still feel itís something worth celebrating. I watch BRAVEHEART probably once a year, and though APOCALYPTO wasnít exactly my cup of tea, it was still wonderfully shot. Lest we forget that Melís an outstanding actor whoís brought hit after hit to the big screen. THE LETHAL WEAPONS are among my favourite flicks of all time, and who couldnít love PAYBACK, THE PATRIOT or MAVERICK? EDGE OF DARKNESS was a solid return to the screen, and though the trailers would have you believe itís Mel Gibsonís TAKEN, I assure you thereí s much more to it than that and itís worth checking out.

As far as I'm concerned Mel's still the king.

Celebrities are always in the spotlight and being scrutinized for even the slightest indiscretions and Melís no different. Heís had a rough divorce, boozing and those pictures of him with that insane looking beard didnít do him much justice either, but the manís repented and wants to move on with his life and career so when youíre interviewing him for his new movie why the hell donít you focus on the movie and not dig up the past for gossipís sake. These reporters are nobodies and couldnít wait to take pot shots at Mel in hopes of stirring up some controversy and I donít blame Mel for calling one guy an asshole (Iíd have called him far worse). So letís stop drudging up the past and stick to current news people because Mel Gibson is still the man.
Extra Tidbit: Inapropriate as it was, calling ANYONE "sugar tits" is pretty damn hilarious in my book.
Source: JoBlo.com



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