COMIC CON: All American Horror with Adam Green, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, and Danielle Harris

Adam Green's HATCHET hit the nose on the slasher genre's head back in 2006, and he's back in San Diego pimping out the obligatory sequel with HATCHET II in one of the horror-lovers most enjoyable panels, Old School American Horror with HATCHET II stars Kane Hodder (returning as the back-country slasher), Tony Todd, and Danielle Harris in attendance. Room 32AB at the San Diego convention center is about to be covered in blood and guts and this horror fan couldn't be happier. Sit back, relax, and get ready... to scream and get a peak at this fall's highly anticipated HATCHET II!

Some of the highlights from this panel are bullet-pointed below, or please feel free to check out the LIVE blogging via COVER IT LIVE, followed by pics from the panel, and video of Danielle Harris and how she landed the role in HATCHET II.

  • Unfortunately, Tony Todd was not in attendance due to a family emergency.
  • HATCHET II will be released theatrically UNRATED thanks to the promise of a major theater chain agreeing to show the movie. This is a first for a horror movie to be released in theaters in an unrated version.
  • Danielle Harris auditioned for a role in HATCHET but didn't get it. She then auditioned for EVERY AVAILABLE ROLE in HATCHET II and landed the part of the main chick.
  • Eight people died in HATCHET. Seventeen people die in HATCHET II.
  • According to Kane Hodder, HATCHET II is the best horror movie he's ever been in.
  • Footage screened featured a spear to the head, a face sliced off, a head cut in half, two people cut in half with a 12 foot chainsaw, a guy getting curbed and having his face get sliced in half... and so much more. It was great!
  • HATCHET II hits theaters October 1, 2010.

    Director Adam Green!

    The great Danielle Harris!

    Writer/director Tom Holland and Danielle Harris!

    Victor Crowley aka Kane Hodder, Holland, and Harris!

    Rileah Vanderbilt aka the Young Victor Crowley aka Adam Green's wife!

    The panel!

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