Commercial director Adam Berg a possible candidate to direct Deadpool?

So, I guess multi-tasking director Robert Rodriguez (MACHETE) won't be helming DEADPOOL afterall?

That seems to be the case according to LA Times' 24 Frames. We reported back in August that Rodriguez might simply have too much on his plate to tackle the film, and it looks that might've been the cause.

But sources familiar with the project are saying that a new and unconventional contender is now in the running to take the reins: Swedish commercial director Adam Berg, the guy behind the "Carousel" ad used for promos by television maker Philips.

Berg has no feature directorial experience, but the "Carousel" ad (which you can check out below) did nab the filmmaker much acclaim, winning him the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising prize last year. The work was enough to impress the people behind DEADPOOL, as well as Ryan Reynolds himself, making Berg a top contender to take over the comic book film.

Is Berg, or someone like him, a good possibility? Do you prefer someone with feature experience? Do you care? Sound off below!
Extra Tidbit: Check out how Berg created the "Carousel" ad RIGHT HERE.



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