CON: Iron Man video!

So JimmyO and I ran into one of our video editors on the floor of the Con on Saturday and he mentioned how the IRON MAN suit was on display at the Marvel booth, so we rushed over there with bated breath, looking out for the man made of iron. When we got there, all we saw was this huge giant wooden box. I asked the peeps at the booth where the suit was and they pointed to the box, "It's inside the box." Uhhhh, so can we see it, I replied? "No, we only showed it as a preview at 1:30pm." Uhhhh, okay...but why close it up again? This is the COMIC CON! "I'm not sure, but we're probably gonna show it again on Sunday.", said she. Wow. Sunday, eh??

Talk about not taking advantage of an opportunity!!! Here are thousands upon thousands of people walking by the Marvel booth and there's this HUGE WOODEN BOX in the middle of it, on Saturday (the most popular day of the Con). Whoever the genius was behind this move, give him a dollar raise. So here's what we saw on Saturday.

Luckily for me, I was back at the convention center on Sunday (I took part in the "Webmaster's Panel") and upon returning to the Marvel booth, I FINALLY got to see the infamous costume up close, although it was the original costume used in the film, not the one he ultimately flies around in. Still pretty neat though. Click for VIDEO below and see the pic under that. Oh, as for the IRON MAN panel itself, Mike will have his report up about that early this week, and you can already check out the cool footage we saw below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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