CON: Red Sonja INTs

Come on, it's Robert Rodriguez! I know that within the last couple of years his popularity in the film geek community has taken a punch but the man is a machine. His legendary work ethic, the go for broke "just-get-the-job-done" attitude has been knocked recently but the guy is personally someone I admire and I was totally stoked to meet him, even though he did give me a playful jab for asking him why he's remaking RED SONJA. You add in the lovely Rose McGowan and I'm a dweeb in paradise.

We also talked to writer David White who co-wrote the flick and director Douglas Aarniokoski, a long time second unit and assistant director for Robert Rodriguez. All four of the interviewees were very cool, although Rose didn't want to say "shit", which bummed me out. Yes, it's the simple things in life. Find out why Rodriguez isn't directing, what tone they're going for and how they're incorporating the original source material into the flick.

Source: JoBlo.com



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