Cool Video: "Leaked" footage of a live-action Pokemon movie

A mysterious bootleg clip of a trailer for a live-action Pokemon movie has popped up online, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Around the office here some are speculating that it's a fan film trying to get the attention of Nintendo, much like that awesome Mortal Kombat short from a few weeks back. I disagree. Why?

1) There are guns and violence, and in one scene a Voltorb is used as a car bomb. Awesome yes, but not exactly trying to appeal to Nintendo

2) If you're trying to get publicity for a real project, why leak only 30 seconds of what is reported to be a full length trailer? And why keep who you are a secret?

3) This is too high budget to be a casual fan film, but the CGI on the Pokemon is shitty enough to not have cost too much. It's just not plausible to extend this into an actual film in its current style.

My guess? It's some small studio trying to make a name for itself. You know, like those guys who make movies like "Transmorphers" and "Titanic 2"? Except that doesn't work either as no one is taking credit for it, yet.

Here's the official story of where this came from, via ShogunGamer. I thought they might have staged it themselves to drive traffic, but I doubt some gaming site I've never heard of has that much spare cash lying around.

I've been lurking this site for a while and I wanted to see if you were interested in posting this video I captured tonight. Today after work my friend and I were invited to view a "secret movie trailer screening." We were not told what it would be, but when I got there 30 other people and myself were shown a trailer for a Pokemon live action movie. It was super sketchy but I decided to record the last 30 seconds or so of the trailer which was about 3 min long. The clip is in a zip file and the password is "gottacatchemall." I can't give you much more detail then this. I wasn't supposed to film this, but holy shit it was awesome. I'll be in touch with you guys when I can talk more about it.

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~Professor Oak

So what the hell IS this?

Extra Tidbit: I have my doubts we will ever actually see a live-action Pokemon movie due to Nintendo's family friendly policies. If we did it would have to be PG, which isn't exactly conducive to adorable animals maiming each other.
Source: ShogunGamer



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