Cool Videos: Kanye West's Runaway

Whether you love him or hate him (I dig), Kanye West is a legit phenomenon in the mainstream music world, effectively having changed the sound of hip hop music for a whole new generation. The dude also happens to be a bit of an asshole. But as a music producer, he remains one of the very best in the game.

And now, he's fused his patented sound and style with trippy and provocative imagery in his debut film, RUNAWAY. It's essentially a 35-minute long form music video, directed by West, featuring music from his upcoming fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It's strange, self-indulgent, and probably requires you to be a little drunk or high to truly appreciate it. Either way, here it is below for your viewing and listening pleasure. (Warning: NSFW)

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Extra Tidbit: The 'Phoenix' is played by fine fashion model Selita Ebanks.
Source: Vevo



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