Cool Videos: This is the ultimate anniversary present for any Star Wars fan

Every STAR WARS fan has dreamed about having the coolest toys, collectibles, and memorabilia from the iconic franchise. Hell, some fans go as far as to design their own "working" lightsabers. But, like many fans, the one thing I always wanted was a Millennium Falcon. I don't mean a toy, replica, or even the cool LEGO model. I mean a real spaceship. Forget the X-wing or Slave-1, I wanted a Millennium Falcon.

This new commercial is not an actual ad but rather a spec video from visual effects artist Bruce Branit. It plays on the actual ads where well-to-do folks give their spouses extravagant presents like cars or jewelry. But, in this case, the gift is an actual YT-1300 freighter that can make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. The cast are even reminiscent of Han and Leia along with a dog that looks a lot like Chewbacca.

Check out the cool commercial below.

Source: Gizmodo



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