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Cool Videos: When Harry Left Hogwarts


I’m sure a good number of you are sad like myself that Harry Potter is done, at least for the time being. No more books, no more movies, just a theme park and a website until Rowling decides to revisit the series.

Fans I think will therefore appreciate this video, which details an upcoming documentary called WHEN HARRY LEFT HOGWARTS. It’s a crew that had access to the set and cast for the final two films, and it shows what goes into making the films, but also how the cast members feel about their futures.

The most interesting parts to me are the interviews with the three main kids, who have literally spent half their lives in this role and are genuinely concerned about what happens next for them. Check it out for yourself below.

Extra Tidbit: I have a feeling British child stars will be less of f*ck ups than American child stars.
Source: Portkey Pundit



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