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Latino Review, who first broke the news that Heath Ledger would be starring as The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, has some more news on Christopher Nolan's follow-up to BATMAN BEGINS. First, it appears that The Penguin is no longer in the film. It's unclear whether the character was at one time in the script or whether the rumors of Nolan approaching Philip Seymour Hoffman for that role were just completely fabricated. Also no longer in the film is Katie Holmes. Variety confirms the news today and Latino points out that her character, Rachel Dawes, will return. Her people say she "dropped out" of DARK KNIGHT and if you believe that than I've got a bridge to sell you. LR also reports that Matt Damon was the first actor approached to star as Harvey Dent but he turned the role down. Now Nolan has narrowed his choices down to three actors - Ed Norton, Jamie Foxx and Josh Lucas. I like the idea of Norton but not sure how I feel about Lucas and Foxx. They both still have STEALTH stink on them. What about Ryan Gosling? He might not take the part but wouldn't the guy play a fantastic villian? Click here to head to Latino to read more about the film and some of the other minor characters currently being cast.

Extra Tidbit: Pre-production is currently underway on DARK KNIGHT, which should begin filming later this spring in London.
Source: Latino Review



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